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The Artist Self Explanitory (Corey Clay) has been on a long road determined and motivated to make his music heard and to represent what he stands for. He has been rapping ever since 5th grade. As the years passed his skills grew along with his mindset. He says he went from "boo's and frowns" to "daps and pounds" and he will not stop until he reaches his destination. Self Explanitory is from North Carolina. He stayed in Fayetteville NC until the 5th grade but established his life and friends when he moved to Durham NC. Life was hard while having only one parent in the household which was his mother who was raising two children. From being broke to getting evicted his mother taught him skills that he still has in him today. With everything he has learned from his mom and from seeing other things in life from his city, he took everything he learned and brought it with him to college at Hampton University. With his hard work and determination, he made his own studio bought and now makes music every chance he gets. He is now making himself known as an artist, has did shows in surrounding areas, opened up for famous artist in the music industry, and is networking to become known even more. He knows from being in college that being in the corporate world is not for him and the music industry is where he plans on going. He says " I've came a long way....... and it can only get better. I never thought my music could make an impact the way it has and music itself has saved my life now it’s time for me to give it all I got and live my life through it. I only have one life and I'm going to live it the way i was meant to.... making music". The Artist Self Explanitory has also started his own ENT Group which is called M.B.M which stands for Me Being Me. It consists of childhood friends who eager to get in the music industry as well. From videography, rapping, photography, producing, and audio engineering M.B.M ENT is ready put in time and hard work for the love of music.

AKA Sportcenter from a southern artist who hates the title rapper. Sportcenter is one of the founding members of the group (Da League). He explores every avenue of music while incorporating every genre of music he possibly can into his flow. Sportcenter wrote his first rap the very same night Tupac Shakur was shot. He is a pure lyricist who makes every bar count.....

J. WEBB bka J~Dub The B.O.S.S. (Brother of Something Special) was born in Chapel Hill, N.C. and raised throughout the 919 area code. He started writing music back in high school but never took it seriously until his early 20s as his city started to support his unique style. With influences like Bone Thugs, Tupac, 3 6 Mafia, Hott Boyz etc. He became a very versatile rap lyricist. He started a clique known as "Choppa Hill Clik" which is base off his cities name with 6 other artists from his Chapel Hill which build a decent fan base. J~Dub has done shows all over the south opening up for Artist such as (Young Buck, Scrappy, Yo Gotti, Lloyd, Diamond "Crime Mob", Project Pat, Ying Yang Twins, Maino, Shawty Lo, etc.) at many different venues and festivals, as well as traveling up and down the East Coast with The Reality Show band. Now he and his partner (Self Explanitory have started a Movement called Me Being Me (MBM) better known as "M.B.M the Gang" which is his Group. Being known all throughout the 919 area is just a start. His team are known to get it in. J~Dub is not only considered a rap artist, he handles business. He makes beats, shots and edits videos with (Black Crest Productions) he does slideshows and simple artwork covers. He also is getting into acting. This man dreams big and so do the members of #TheTEAM. " I’m just Me Being Me #holla10feezy If u need me! Be True 2 You! #Yintkno"

LeNnY DeViTo One of the Founders of Da League AKA Da Proud Family. Talented young man from up top (New Jersey) but resides in the Carolinas for now. Family man and future leader. Raps, Sings R&B and definitely a talented poet!